Personal Observation

  1. A personal observation of the individual is an important piece of the SSI application packet. The SSI Facilitator is the eyes and ears of the DDDS adjudicator.
  2. Focus on writing an objective description of the person's appearance and behavior during a face-to-face interview and avoid value judgments or subjective analysis. Be specific and quantify responses.
  3. Some areas to consider when writing your personal observations:
    1. Deficits in hygiene or grooming.
    2. Difficulty using legs, arms, hands, or shifting position to alleviate pain.
    3. Unusual speech patterns.
    4. Difficulty with long or short term memory.
    5. Unusual surroundings if interviewing the person in their home.
  4. Photographs may be helpful in depicting a person's situation or physical condition. Only take or use photographs with the individual's permission.

Include your personal observation statement within the i3368PRO. (Sign and date the personal observation statement and include it in the application packet if unable to access the i3368 PRO).