Diaper Related Payment (DRP)

Created October 9, 2023


This section reviews the Diaper Related Payment (DRP), which provides a reoccurring cash payment for diapers and basic needs essential to early development for all TANF/SFA households with a qualifying child under 3 years old. This program begins in November 2023.

WAC 388-494-0010 – What is the diaper related payment (DRP)?

​Clarifying Information - WAC 388-494-0010

  1. A TANF/SFA recipient household must meet this eligibility criteria to receive the cash payment intended to help provide diapers and essentials:
    1. Receiving at minimum of $10 cash grant from one of the following benefits:
      1. Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF),
      2. State Family Assistance (SFA),
    2. Have at least one qualifying child under age 3 receiving TANF or SFA benefits.
      1. A child who is a TANF or SFA recipient must be under age 3 or turning age 3 in the benefit month.  A child is considered a "DRP qualifying child" until the end of the month in which the child turns age 3.
Note: A TANF household with a child under 3 years old receiving SSI isn’t eligible for DRP, as the child is not a receiving TANF benefits.


Note: With Concurrent TANF households, both TANF AUs with a recipient child under 3 years old are eligible for DRP.


  1. An application isn’t required for the DRP, as the department will establish program eligibility based on TANF eligibility information:
    • The payment is never prorated.  
Example: Laaka has been receiving TANF for their pregnancy. Laaka reports the birth of child, Koa in July. Adding the newborn to the TANF grant results in a supplement for July prorated on the date added. As Koa received a prorated TANF payment in July, the household is eligible for the $100 DRP for July and ongoing.
  • The DRP is available through the end of the month of the qualifying child’s 3rd birthday as long as the TANF remains active.
Example: Zuri will turn 3 years old on November 2nd, and her family has been receiving TANF and DRP. The family will be eligible for the DRP in November and ineligible for December. A notice will inform the household is no longer eligible for DRP for December.
  • The payment is budgeted the same as a TANF payment in other benefit calculations.


  1. The DRP benefit is limited to one monthly payment per qualifying TANF household, not per child. 
    1. If the TANF assistance unit has multiple children under 3 years old, the DRP is limited to $100.
  1. DRP is issued under the same TANF AU ID and in the same manner as the payment method for the TANF (EBT, warrant or EFT).

  2. When the DRP is approved, the client will be notified of the appropriate usage and availability of the benefits.

  3. TANF/SFA households will be notified when they are no longer eligible for DRP.

  4. The benefit amount is established annually by the department contingent on budget and available funding. The payment is subject to end if funds are exhausted.