Refugee Medical Assistance

May 2, 2014


This section describes program rules for the refugee medical program. 

WAC 182-507-0130 Refugee medical assistance (RMA). 

WAC 182-507-0135 Immigration status requirements for refugee medical assistance. 

  • Clarifying Information

Clarifying Information

  1. Recipients of RCA are automatically eligible for RMA. A person who is eligible for RCA may choose not to receive cash assistance and still receive RMA.
  2. RMA eligibility is established on the basis of an applicant's income and resources on the date of the application, rather than averaging income over the application processing period.
  3. A student enrolled in an institution of higher education and carrying a full-time academic workload is considered a full-time student. A full-time student is not eligible for RCA. A full time student is eligible for RMA only if educational activity is a part of his/her personal employment plan. 
  4. RCA clients continue to be eligible for RMA until the end of their eight month eligibility limit if they become ineligible for RCA due to the receipt of earned income, unearned income, or resources.
  5. An applicant who is not eligible for RCA because of income may be eligible for RMA. Applicants must meet monthly income standards up to 200% of FPL (see STANDARDSWAC 182-519-0050 ).
  6. Recipients of ongoing cash assistance from the Matching Grant Program may be eligible for RMA if they meet all other program requirements.  For more information about the Matching Grant Program for refugees, see WAC 388-466-0120, Clarifying Information #4.

Individuals from Iraq or Afghanistan who were granted Special Immigrant status under section 101 (a)(27) of the INA, their spouses and unmarried children under 21 are qualified aliens and are eligible for federally funded benefits to the same extend and for the same time period as refugees. Their eligibility period starts from the date of entry into the United States or, if it occurred after the US entry, the date the Special Immigrant status was granted as indicated on the I-551 (green card). 

For more information on documentation, Immigration Status codes, benefit eligibility and step-by-step process, please see desk aid Iraqi and Afghan Special Immigrants Benefits.


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