Utility Chart

  • SUA - Allowed if incurred or expected heating or cooling utility costs by an assistance unit (AU) in the residence.  
  • LUA - Allowed for each AU if incurred or expected two utility costs, and do not qualify for SUA.
  • TUA - Allowed for each AU that has a separate phone service if this is the only utility bill for an AU.
  • ZUA - Used for households that report no utility costs.

Always code ACES with the household’s actual circumstances. Eligibility for SUA through Heat and Eat, or through a contracted agency with Department of Commerce, will be automatically determined once the case is approved.

One AU

One Residence

One Meter -
  • AU gets bill
SUA if AU has heating / cooling costs; or
LUA, TUA or ZUA if AU has no heating / cooling costs.
Two AUs

One Residence

One Meter -
  • AU A gets bill; and
  • AU B pays share of bill to AU A
Each AU gets SUA; or
Each AU gets LUA/TUA.
One Meter -
  • Off-site landlord gets bill(s) including heating costs
Each AU gets TUA if each has phone service


Heat and Eat:  Clients receiving the Low Income Household Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) through the Heat and Eat program, may be allowed SUA in the benefit calculation, even if they are coded as LUA, TUA or ZUA.  AUs meeting the following requirements receive a cash payment of $20.01 annually and qualify for SUA:

  • Receive at least $1 in benefits;
  • Not receiving the maximum in benefits;
  • Not otherwise eligible to receive SUA; and
  • Not receiving LIHEAP through another provider during the current federal fiscal year.

Those who receive benefits through the state-funded Food Assistance Program (FAP) can meet the same requirements for Heat and Eat SUA, although they don’t qualify to receive the cash payment.