Resources of an Alien's Sponsor

Revised March 25, 2011


WAC 388-470-0060 How does the department decide how much of my sponsor's resources affect my eligibility for cash and food assistance benefits?

Clarifying Information - WAC 388-470-0060 

  1. Income of an alien's sponsor:

    If a client was sponsored under the INS affidavit I-864 or 864A, we must also deem the income of the sponsor under WAC 388-450-0155.

  2. Old Affidavits of support:

    INS previously used an I-134 affidavit of support for people who sponsored a family member. We only deem a sponsor's resources to an alien if the sponsor completed the I-864 or I 864-A.

  3. Deeming resources is time limited for state funded benefits:

    Under WAC 388-450-0156, we only deem the sponsor's resources to the client for five years if the client receives state-funded benefits.


Worker Responsibilities - WAC 388-470-0060 

Take the following steps to determine the amount of resources to deem to the sponsored alien:

  1. If an alien's sponsor has resources, determine the amount of countable resources the sponsor has under Chapter 388-470-WAC.  (See How Resources Count)
  2. Add the countable resources of the sponsor's spouse only if the spouse signed the affidavit of support.
  3. Subtract $1500.00 from the amount in step 2 above. The result is the amount to deem to the sponsored alien.
  4. If the alien's sponsor has sponsored more than one alien, divide the result above by the number of aliens they sponsored.

The alien's sponsor listed the following resources: $127 cash on hand, $825 checking account (ATM slip shows a balance of $1300, but the sponsor's register shows a $475 rent check that has not cleared.) $350 savings, $500 in stock through employer's stock purchase plan (Invested 6 months ago - 20% fine if they cash it out before 3-year period is over.) Sponsor's spouse signed the affidavit of support, but they don't have separate resources.

$127 Cash on hand
$825 Checking (Subtract checks the sponsor wrote that haven't cleared.)
$350 Savings
$400 Stock from employer plan ($500 - 20% penalty)
$1702 Sponsor's countable resources
$1500 Deduction allowed by federal regulations
$202 Resources deemed to sponsored immigrant