Information Needed to Determine Eligibility

Revised September 11, 2019


This section includes rules and procedures on what happens when a client applies for benefits and the department needs other information to determine eligibility.

WAC 388-406-0030 Do I need to submit other information after I apply for benefits?

Clarifying Information - WAC 388-406-0030

EXAMPLE Rayanna applies for food assistance on July 8th and has her interview on July 15th. The worker pends the food assistance for verification of income, due by July 25th. On July 25th, Rayanna requests extra time. If the worker determines the client is cooperating, the worker should extend the due date at least 10 days but may extend the due date more, to between August 4th (10 more days) and August 7th (30th day of application) without penalty. If Rayanna requests the due date to be extended past the 30th day of application, then we must deny the application by August 7th and would delay the start date of benefits as applicable in WAC 388-406-0040.

Worker Responsibilities - WAC 388-406-0030

  1. See verification. Whenever possible, obtain verification by phone. For cash, food, and long-term care programs, verify an applicant's circumstances if needed to determine eligibility.
  2. Use cross-matches and alerts whenever possible to verify a client’s income or expenses.
  3. Do not request a specific form to determine eligibility. For example, do not request a landlord statement. Instead, ask for what is needed to determine eligibility such as an address, household composition, and shelter costs. Give or send the client any departmental or approved local-office forms that would help give us the information we need to determine eligibility.
  4. See WAC 388-406-0040 for what to do if the application process is delayed.
  5. When requesting further verification or requesting missing verification, allow a ten-day extension on the due date as under WAC 388-406-0030, #4, as long as the client is not refusing to cooperate and/or the application processing time limits under WAC 388-406-0040 haven't passed.
  6. If the application process has been delayed due to the household interviewing late in the 30 day processing period, we cannot give a ten day extension.
  7. The application must be denied by the 30th day (first business day after the 30th day if it falls on a weekend or holiday) if we don't have all the information we need to determine eligibility and the delay has been caused by the household.