Repayments for Overpayments Prior to April 3, 1982

Revised March 25, 2011


WAC 388-410-0010 Repayment of grant overpayment occurring prior to April 3, 1982, and resulting from department error

 Worker Responsibilities - WAC 388-410-0010

  1. If recovery of the overpayment is determined to be inequitable;
    1. Determine the months that the overpayment occurred, but do not compute the amount of the overpayment.
    2. Complete a DSHS 06-094(X), Overpayment Letter (Liability Waived), and notify the client.
    3. Document the reason for the decision in the narrative in ACES.
  2. If recovery of the overpayment is not determined to be inequitable:
    1. Follow normal overpayment recovery procedures; and
    2. Notify the client the reason the overpayment was not waived.
  3. Revoke the waiver and establish an overpayment if it is later determined the requirements specified in WAC 388-410-0010 (1) (a-e) were not met.