Transitional Cash Assistance

Created on: 
Oct 12 2022

Transitional Cash Assistance

Created July 1, 2022


WAC 388-394-0010 Who is eligible for transitional cash assistance (TCA)?

Transitional Cash Assistance (TCA) is a one-time cash benefit of $10 issued for the final month of Basic Food eligibility when an eligible household would otherwise close due to their gross income or requests voluntary closure. Households eligible for TCA are then eligible for Transitional Food Assistance (TFA) for 5 months. TCA is dependent on state funding and  may be paused if this is exhausted.

Eligibility for TCA:

To be eligible, a household must:

  1. Not be receiving Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF/SFA or Tribal TANF) at the time of Basic Food closure,
  2. Include a child under the age of 18 and/or a child under the age of 19 participating in a secondary school program, and
  3. Be receiving a Basic Food benefit greater than zero.

TCA Issuance:

No application is required for TCA. ACES automatically issues a one-time $10 cash benefit to a family’s EBT card whose food benefits would otherwise close due to being over the gross income limit (reason code 320) or who requests closure of their Basic Food benefits (reason code 557). ACES transitions food benefits to TFA the month following TCA issuance using the calculation used to determine food benefits in the last month issued.

TCA will be available on the food assistance unit’s EBT card either:

  1. The day after eligibility for TCA is determined, or
  2. The first of the month following Basic Food if TCA eligibility is determined after monthly issuance or the household has received a combined issuance(applications after the 15th issue first two months of benefits combined)

Note: In cases where TCA is issued the first of the following month, TFA is issued the month following TCA issuance which may result in a one-month gap without food assistance.

Willem, Charlie and their two children receive Basic Food. On 9/23 (prior to monthly issuance), Willem reports his first paycheck. The income from new employment puts the household over the gross income limit. TCA is available on Willem’s EBT card 9/24. The household receives TFA in October through February.
Janet and her daughter receive Basic Food. On 9/28 (after monthly issuance), Janet calls to report her first paycheck. After processing the change and subsequent decrease in benefits, Janet requests closure of her food benefits. TCA is available 10/1. TFA is authorized November through March.  
Mariama, Coumba, and their three children applied and were approved for Basic Food on 04/16. They received benefits for April and May the same day. On 04/22 Mariama calls to report that both Coumba and she are now receiving unemployment. Mariama requests closure of food benefits as with their UC they don’t think they’ll need this assistance. The worker enters the voluntary termination coding in ACES  (RC 557). TCA is available 05/01 on Mariama’s EBT card. The household receives TFA for five months, from June  through October.


Fatima and Alborz submit their eligibility review form on time however, their food benefits close 8/31 for no Eligibility Review interview (ER). On 9/30, Fatima calls to complete her ER interview. Food assistance is reinstated September through November. The income calculated while processing the ER puts the household over the gross income limit effective 9/1. TCA is available on 10/1 (first of the following month as the ER was processed after monthly issuance). TFA begins the month following TCA issuance, 11/1.