Benefit Errors

Revised August 4, 2011


This category is about how to identify incorrect benefit payments and how to establish and refer for collection cash, medical and food assistance overpayments. The rules and procedures for identifying and correcting underpayments are also in this category.

WAC 388-410-0001  What is a cash / medical assistance overpayment?

WAC 388-410-0005  Cash and medical assistance overpayment amount and liability

WAC 388-410-0010  Repayment of grant overpayment occurring prior to April 3, 1982, and resulting from department error

WAC 388-410-0015  Recovery of cash assistance overpayments by mandatory grant deduction

WAC 388-410-0020  What happens if I receive more Basic Food or WASHCAP benefits than I am supposed to receive?

WAC 388-410-0025  Am I responsible for an overpayment in my assistance unit?

WAC 388-410-0030  How does the department calculate and set up my Basic Food or WASHCAP overpayment?

WAC 388-410-0033  How and when does the department collect a Basic Food or WASHCAP overpayment?

WAC 388-410-0035  Are alien and alien sponsors jointly responsible for cash and food assistance overpayments?

WAC 388-410-0040  Cash and food assistance underpayments.