400 Series Reason Code Protocols

Revised on October 1, 2021


  • 400 Series Reason Code Protocols
  • Go to the Reason Code Link chart to link directly to a specific reason code or scroll through the list below.
  • For ACES Procedures go to ACES Letters in the ACES User Manual.
  • Staff must add explanatory text to the notice unless the "Recommended Free Form Text" column specifies "None Required."
  • The "Recommended Free Form Text" is the suggested wording for a reason code requiring mandatory explanation to the client.


Reason Code Title / Text

WAC  References                             

Recommended Free Form Text


Over Resources
You have too many resources to get assistance right now. See WAC rule (Washington Administrative Code):








Your resources cannot be more than $_____ (specify resource limit for household size). See the attachment for more information on how we figured out your resources.


Lottery/Gambling Disqualification

The amount of your lottery or gambling winnings is over the limit allowed for this program.

388-483-0005 Someone in your household won $3,750 or more from gambling or the lottery, received on 00/00/0000. You can't get food benefits until you reapply and meet income and resources for Basic Food.


Excess Home Equity - LTC

You don't qualify for Long Term Care (LTC) services because the equity in your home is over the $500,000 limit.

You may receive LTC services if we approve an undue hardship waiver. We approve hardship waivers when you can show that without LTC services:

  • You will be deprived of housing, food, clothing or medical care.
  • Your life or health will be endangered.

Your request must:

  • Tell us in writing the reason you need an undue hardship waiver.
  • Be signed and returned within 30 days of the date of denial or termination of LTC services.
  • Include the name, address and telephone number of the person writing the request.
  • You may authorize your representative, guardian, or facility where you live to file an undue hardship waiver request for you.



Explain the equity value we are counting and how we arrived at that number.


Transfer Of Resource Disqualification 1 - 12 Months
A member of your assistance unit gave something away or sold it for less than fair market value to become eligible for food assistance. See WACrule (Washington Administrative Code):


(Name) transferred his/her (type of property) on 00/00/00. That (type of property) is worth$     . Since s/he only got $      for it, you cannot get benefits from 00/00/00 to 00/00/00.


Transfer of Resources - CA/MA

You have a penalty period because you gave something away or sold it for less than fair market value.  You can only get benefits now if you prove you cannot pay for your housing, food, clothing, or health needs.



Explain the equity value we are counting and how we arrived at that number


Transfer of Resources - LTC

You transferred, gave away, or sold resources for less than fair market value. This is called uncompensated value.


 None required.


Non-Cooperation with Asset Verification

You, or those financially responsible for you, didn’t give the agency permission to contact financial institutions to verify resources through the Asset Verification System. We are unable to determine your eligibility.

The agency must verify resources to determine eligibility for Aged, Blind or Disabled related medical coverage.

If you, or those financially responsible for you, decide to provide authorization for Asset Verification, please contact us.   

See WAC rule (Washington Administrative Code):






Payment Standard Reduction

Payment standards are changing. You do not have administrative hearing rights based on a change in payment standards.



 None required.


No Related Food Stamp AU

You don’t receive Basic Food, Food Assistance Program for Legal Immigrants (FAP) or Transitional Food Assistance (TFA).

388-493-0010 None Required.

Related TANF AU Exists

Someone in your food assistance unit receives Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) or State Family Assistance (SFA).

388-493-0010 None Required.

No Qualifying Child

You don’t have a qualifying child under the age of 18 in your home.

388-493-0010 None Required.

Not Working the Minimum Hours Required

We don’t have current proof that you, your spouse, or co-parent works at least 35 hours per week.

388-493-0010 None Required.

Food Stamp is the Priority Program

We count Working Family Support as income. Approving this program would close your food assistance. 

388-493-0010 None Required.

Working Family Support Program Terminated

The Working Family Support program is ending. 

388-493-0010 None Required.